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Physical exercises, being a biological stimulator of the regulating systems, provide active mobilization of adaptive mechanisms and raise adaptation opportunities of an organism and tolerance of the patient to physical activities. Very important and that performance of physical exercises is followed, as a rule, by emergence of certain emotions that also positively influences course of the main nervous processes in bark of big hemispheres.

At a stage of the ward (semi-bed) mode the following problems are solved: elimination of mental depression of the patient; improvement of adaptation of cardiovascular system to the increasing loadings by strictly dosed training; improvement of peripheral blood circulation, elimination of developments of stagnation; training in the correct breath and mental self-control.

Sanatorium treatment differs in more favorable conditions for effective application of the most various medical influences (physical therapy, LFK, health path, autogenic training, a dietotherapy, etc.).

In the presence of occupation exercise machines on them most are suitable for patients with GB: a velosimulator, the running path (speed slow); the walking exercise machine. Thus ChSS — 110 — 120ud/min. should not exceed the HELL 180/110mm hg, and. The dosed walking, since 2 — — distance of 1 — 2 km is widely used the 3rd day at rate of 80 — 90 steps/min.

Shchadyashche-treniruyushchy mode. Tasks: further normalization HELL; activization of exchange processes; strengthening and training of a cardiac muscle; increase of adaptation of cardiovascular system to physical activities; preparation for household and professional physical activities.