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Therefore, phosphate and other mineral biogenes of the soil circulate in an ecosystem only in case the "waste" of activity supporting them is postponed in places of absorption of this element. In natural ecosystems so in the basic also occurs. When the person interferes with their functioning, he breaks natural circulation, transporting, for example, a crop together with the biogenes which are saved up from the soil on long distances to consumers.

Nitrogen circulation. When rotting organic substances the considerable part of the nitrogen containing in them in ammonia which under the influence of the trifitsiruyushchy bacteria living in the soil is oxidized then in a nitric. The last, reacting with the carbonates which are in the soil, for example with a carbonate of calcium of SASOZ, forms nitrates:

As a part of the terrestrial atmosphere oxygen takes the second place after nitrogen. The dominating form of finding of oxygen in the atmosphere is the molecule About Circulation of oxygen in the biosphere is very difficult as he enters a set of chemical compounds of the mineral and organic worlds.

Due to the oxidation of sulphidic minerals in the course of aeration sulfur in the form of a sulfation is transferred by natural waters to the World Ocean. Sulfur is absorbed by marine organisms which are richer with its inorganic connections, than fresh-water and land.

Thus, in the nature continuous circulation of nitrogen is made. However annually with a crop from fields the most protein-rich parts of plants, for example grain are cleaned. Therefore to the soil it is necessary to introduce the fertilizers compensating a decrease in it the most important batteries of plants.

In izverzhenny breeds sulfur is mainly in a type of sulphidic minerals: pyrites, the pirronita, chalcopyrite, in sedimentary breeds contains in clays in the form of plasters, in fossil coals - in the form of impurity of sulfuric sulfide less often in the form of sulfates. Sulfur in the soil is mainly in a form of sulfates; in oil its organic compounds meet.

Sulfur circulation. Sulfur is an important component of live substance. Its most part in live organisms is in a type of organic compounds. Besides, sulfur is a part of some biologically active agents: vitamins, and also a number of the substances which are acting as catalysts of oxidation-reduction processes in an organism and making active some enzymes.