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Decrease materialo-and power consumption of production in the developed countries of the world, led to decrease in demand for raw materials that forced to look for the countries specializing on its export new fields of activity within the international division of labor. Value of chemical industry grows in international trade; it is connected with considerable expansion of the range of synthetic materials.

Sale of licenses is a sale of copyright of use of the patented inventions. The exchange of licenses became an important element of the international economic relations and makes 10% of a world external economic turn.

It is also necessary to create macroeconomic prerequisites for future inclusion in the European economic structures (first of all to encourage creation capable large-scale international cooperation of big firms, financial and industrial groups).

Certainly, would be not justified to set all these tasks at the same time as it will hardly be possible to execute at least one of them. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate separate stages of development of the mutual economic relations. Such stages it is possible to allocate, at least, three.

EU countries increased import of energy carriers, having reduced import of raw materials and food. In foreign trade of EU countries partners in the European Association of Free Trade (EAFT), though goods of the USA. prevail. actively get on the European market.

Generally, on natural resources our country is in a condition of a certain balance: deficiency (so, import) one types of resources is compensated by enough others, not less important.