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At burns of separate parts of a body skin round a burn needs to be wiped alcohol, cologne, water, and to apply a dry sterile bandage the burned surface. To grease the burned surface with fat or any ointment does not follow.

When imposing a bandage of the victim it is necessary to seat or lay because even at small damages, under the influence of nervous excitement, pain there can come short-term loss of consciousness — a faint.

Hurt, smashed and the lacerations received as a result of blows of the falling designs and fragments of walls of the destroyed buildings and constructions are followed by extensive hemorrhage in hypodermic cellulose and in deeper fabrics.

At the getting wound in an abdominal cavity it is necessary to close a wound a sterile bintovy bandage. If an internal dropped out outside of them it is impossible to fill in an abdominal cavity, and it is necessary to bandage accurately to a trunk. Victims with the getting wounds of chest and especially abdominal cavity cannot allow to drink.

The spiral bandage is applied when bandaging extremities. The spiral bandage is begun as well as circular, doing on one place two-three turns of bandage to fix it. And start bandaging with the thinnest part of an extremity. When bandaging on spirals in order that the bandage adjoined densely, without forming pockets, after one-two turns it overturn. Upon termination of bandaging the bandage is fixed a pin or the end it is cut on length and tied.

At bleeding in an axillary hollow the hands bent in an elbow as much as possible take away back and elbows connect, thus the subclavial artery nestles a clavicle on the first edge. This method cannot use at a fracture of bones of extremities.

Wounds can be superficial when only the top layers of skin (graze) are damaged, and deeper when are damaged not only all layers of skin, but also the lying fabrics (hypodermic cellulose, muscles, an internal) are deeper.

Bleeding from an internal arises owing to strong bruises. Its signs: sharp pallor of the person, weakness, frequent pulse, short wind, dizziness, strong thirst and unconscious state. In such cases it is necessary to bring immediately the victim to medical institution, and before to create to the victim absolute rest. On a stomach or to a place of a trauma it is necessary to put a bubble with ice; the cold narrows vessels, promotes a bleeding stop. without the permission of the doctor struck it is impossible to allow to drink. Evacuation of such victims is made with extra care and first of all.

The tire has to adjoin to the broken extremity. At a fracture of bones of a forearm the hand is bent in an elbow joint at right angle so that the palm was turned to a thorax, then impose the tire so that fingers of hands covered one its end, and the second came for an elbow joint. In such situation the tire is fixed bandage or other material, and the hand is suspended on a kerchief.

The simplest bandage — circular. It is imposed on a wrist, the lower part of a shin, a forehead, etc. When imposing its bandage is imposed so that each subsequent turn it completely closed the previous.

in case of lack of sterile dressing is admissible to use purely washed scarf or a piece of fabric, preferably white color, it is desirable ironed by previously hot iron;

For an immobilization use ready, standard tires. However in some cases them on the accident site can not be therefore for overlaying of tires use improvised material (sticks, canes, skis, umbrellas, the suitable size of a board, pieces of plywood, a ruler, bunches of rods of a cane, etc.).

if in a place of a change there is an open wound and strong bleeding is observed, at first impose a plait above a wound and a fracture, then a bandage on a wound, and after that — tires from two parties of extremities;